Rocky Mountain Wellness Coaching


Thanks  for your support, patience, mentorship and for helping me think differently about my training. -C.M.

I got on the scale and am down 100 pounds from when I started this weight loss and lifestyle journey a little over 1 year ago. Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement!- K.W.

It's been really helpful having the accountability these last 6 months.  I haven't always done what I needed to do; but when I haven't, it hasn't been because I wasn't thinking about the choice.  I sometimes chose to eat something that I shouldn't have, or to be lazy instead of exercise; but no longer did I make that choice without being aware that (a) my fitness would be affected and (b) I was going to have to fess up to Kate!  As a result, there were many, MANY times I chose to go with the lesser evil (or even something healthy) on food, and to get up and get some exercise when I might otherwise have just sat on the couch. -J.B.

You have inspired me to try my hardest to keep my body healthy and to do it by doing what you love. Either through sports or other activities try your hardest, and always respect yourself and your health. Thank you for teaching me these lessons and helping me live them out by example. -L.G.

My two daughters ran cross country for their school coached by Kate Schulte over a five year period.  My oldest daughter was not the best runner and frankly did not like to run but was encouraged by Kate to continue. After her first season my daughter learned to like and appreciate the benefits of running.  Without Kate's encouragement I do not feel she would have taken up the sport of running.  The cross country program at our school grew by leaps and bounds under the coaching leadership of Kate. I highly recommend any program she is connected with and feel grateful my daughters had that opportunity. -V.H.  

Without Coach Schulte, I never would have completed my first triathlon. Now I am one of the top multisport athletes in my age group. It’s great to have somebody who is so supportive, but also is there to make sure you don’t slack off. It’s almost like she is my mother!-R.S.

Coach Kate helped me realize the goal wasn't winning a race, but sticking with fitness.  I never was the fastest runner, but I consistently got better and learned to enjoying running and fitness.  I have gone on to run cross country in High School.-C.C.

Kate helped pace me in my first marathon. She was with me stride by stride. Reigning me in at mile 9 when I felt I could fly (and she knew I shouldn't) and running four steps ahead of me at mile 22 to keep me moving when I thought I couldn't move.  I couldn't talk for the last two miles, just used a (sort of) meditation mantra to get me through. At about mile 25.8 I turned to Kate and said - with all seriousness "Where is the finish line?" because I couldn't imagine that it had not been over a mile since we passed the 25 mile mark. I felt like the T shirt  "who moved the finish line". 10 seconds later she said the 26 mile mark is just at the top of that hill. I knew there was a short hill at the end but I didn't even want to tackle that at that point but, with Kate's support, I did. -E.P.